Making Your Business Beautiful

Making Your Business Beautiful

  • Interior Design Rules And How To Apply Them

    Putting a room together to look like it was designed by a professional can be difficult to do. The rooms in your home may look a little less organized and possibly a little over the top with decorative accents, or knick knacks. You can get your home looking a little more organized and decorated so it looks like it was professionally done. See below for interior design rules to help you and how to apply them in your own home.

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Making Your Business Beautiful

After struggling for months to earn new business, I started taking a harder look at our lobby. I realized that things hadn't been updated since the late 90s, and our space looked kind of like it was the lobby of a place that was going out of business. I didn't want to send the wrong impression to our patrons, which is why I decided to start focusing on interior design. I hired a professional, talked about my business goals, and asked her to start making over the space. The results were amazing. After we had replaced a few pieces of furniture and given the walls a fresh coat of paint, the customers started coming. This blog is all about using interior design to improve your business.