Making Your Business Beautiful

Making Your Business Beautiful

  • Update An Aging Kitchen With A Few Energy-Efficient Projects

    Giving your kitchen a major update can be something that you're much more satisfied with when you make energy-efficiency your top priority. Rather than be frustrated with your kitchen using more electricity, gas, and water than modern homes consume, there are several projects you can invest in to make a big improvement at home. Spend More on New Appliances The best thing that you can do to improve your kitchen in terms of both energy-efficiency and functionality for yourself is getting new appliances to replace outdated ones.

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Making Your Business Beautiful

After struggling for months to earn new business, I started taking a harder look at our lobby. I realized that things hadn't been updated since the late 90s, and our space looked kind of like it was the lobby of a place that was going out of business. I didn't want to send the wrong impression to our patrons, which is why I decided to start focusing on interior design. I hired a professional, talked about my business goals, and asked her to start making over the space. The results were amazing. After we had replaced a few pieces of furniture and given the walls a fresh coat of paint, the customers started coming. This blog is all about using interior design to improve your business.