Making Your Business Beautiful

Making Your Business Beautiful

Interior Design Rules And How To Apply Them

Mia Price

Putting a room together to look like it was designed by a professional can be difficult to do. The rooms in your home may look a little less organized and possibly a little over the top with decorative accents, or knick knacks. You can get your home looking a little more organized and decorated so it looks like it was professionally done. See below for interior design rules to help you and how to apply them in your own home.

1. Decide On Room Function

Figure out how the room will be used and base the furniture and other elements around that. For example, if the room is going to be an office, it should contain office furniture only, a crafting room should contain craft supplies, and a spare bedroom should only contain bedroom furniture. Don't mix in other types of elements, or you'll end up with more of an unorganized mess.

2. Arrange Furniture For Better Flow

Arrange your furniture around a focal point. The focal point can be a television, bed, piece of artwork, etc. Be sure not to block any walkways and make getting around furniture easy to do. This means not overloading furniture into a small area. If you have a small dining room, don't put a 6 person table in the room. Stick with a small table and only 4 chairs. If you have a small bedroom, skip out on the bench at the end of the bed, use just one nightstand, and try to put a dresser inside your closet to help save space.

3. Use A Variety Of Lighting 

Lighting is key when decorating. Light can open up a space and give the illusion of extra space. A dark room can feel dismal. Open up the blinds and curtains, and hang your curtains high and outside of the window trim. Add lamps to a living space, even if you have over-head lighting to give the room a more romantic feel when needed. Add under the counter lighting in kitchens to use for tasks such as cooking, reading recipes and cleaning.

4. Group Decor

Add groups of decor to give a room dimension, texture and appeal. Use different sized objects when decorating a table centerpiece, shelves or the top of a buffet. Group decor such as artwork in groups of three or more. Use objects such as candles, books, faux greenery, frames, and items such as decorative orbs to add interest.

You may not be an interior designer yourself, but that doesn't mean you can't design your home to look like you are. Contact an interior designer firm, like Stephanie Kratz Interiors, for more help getting your home organized and professionally decorated.


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