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LVP Flooring | Stylish And Functional

Mia Price

When choosing flooring for your home, there are many things to consider. Do you want something stylish or something functional? Do you need something that looks good or is easy to clean? Luckily, with luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP), you don't have to choose.

What Is LVP Flooring?

LVP, or luxury vinyl plank flooring, is a generic term that refers to all vinyl flooring products meant to mimic real wood, tile, or stone. You may also occasionally see the term LVT or luxury vinyl tile.

What Are the Benefits of LVP?

LVP is one of the newer flooring products to hit the market in recent years and has many benefits for consumers, including:

  • Colors. From vibrant colors to unique patterns, LVP comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns designed to match any style.
  • Installation. LVP is easy to install and can be done by anyone with basic handy-person skills, making it a great DIY project.
  • Durability. LVP is very durable and can last for many years with proper care.
  • Water-Resistant. One of the greatest benefits of both LVP and LVT is their water-resistant nature, which allows homeowners to install a wood-look product in areas previously off-limits for wood, like mudrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

LVP flooring is truly a product that lets you have good looks and practicality in one product.

Which Is Better—a Flexible or a Rigid Core?

Both LVP and LVT come with the option of a flexible or a rigid core.

Rigid cores are made from stone powder, wood pulp, and strips of vinyl, which makes it a firmer product and able to stand up to wear and tear in high-traffic areas. Flexible cores, on the other hand, are constructed from layers of pliable vinyl, creating a flexible core and a floor that is slightly more comfortable to walk on. One option is not better than the other. Your choice depends solely on the application.

How Is LVP Flooring Installed?

Rigid-core LVP and LVT flooring are installed by interlocking the planks by simply "clicking" them together. This method is commonly referred to as a "loose lay" or a "floating floor" because it is not permanently attached to anything with nails or screws. LVP and LVT floors with flexible cores are completely different. They do not connect in any way and are glued directly to the sub-flooring.

LVP flooring is a great choice for busy families or anyone who wants the look of wood or stone without the hassle.

Contact a local flooring store, such as Wallflower's Design Center, Inc., to learn more. 


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