Making Your Business Beautiful

Making Your Business Beautiful

Improve Your Household With Cats By Hiring An Interior Designer

Mia Price

Owning cats is something you may enjoy and plan to continue doing for the long term. So, as a homeowner, you will find great value in making your home more accommodating for them.

A house that is not furnished and decorated with cats in mind can come with risks and complications that you would rather avoid. Hiring an interior designer to make changes throughout your home is an effective strategy to improve your cats' happiness and safety.


Most rooms need furniture to look and feel complete. However, your existing furniture may not mesh well with cats because they are challenging to clean or quickly become damaged. A worthy goal is to replace this kind of furniture with more suitable pieces for a cat household.

An excellent choice is microfiber for recliners, sofas, and padded chairs. This material is easy to clean and can withstand some scratching. Even when you provide your cats with furniture and scratchers to use, you should expect them to scratch the furniture on occasion. So, you will feel better knowing that your furniture does not get permanent damage from random scratching.

Using rugs on hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring will improve comfort and warmth in strategic areas around your house. An interior designer will know to avoid loop pile rugs because cat nails will inevitably get snagged within the loops, causing damage to the rug in the process.


A home with plenty of furniture and no decorations can look incomplete. However, some decorations are dangerous for cats or are susceptible to damage. Ceramic and glass decorations can break from falling to the ground after being knocked off a tabletop display.

These materials are best kept inside glass cabinets and drawers for guaranteed safety. An interior designer will also look out for decorations that could bring harm to your cats. A great example is decorations with sharp or pointy edges because your cats could run into them.

Cat Additions

Investing in cat furniture and built-in toys is worthwhile because it will provide comfort, stimulation, and safety. For instance, you can add scratchers in the living room and each bedroom to keep furniture scratching to a minimum. Another strategy is to add cat beds in these places to discourage your cats from sleeping on your furniture and getting hair all over.

Get help from an interior designer to make valuable changes to benefit your family and cats.

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