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Making Your Business Beautiful

Consider An Oval Frame For These Framing Projects

Mia Price

When you take a picture or other item that you want framed to a custom framing studio, you'll likely opt for a rectangular frame on most occasions. The wide variety of styles available in rectangular frames, as well as their suitability with both vertical and horizontal-oriented photos, can make this shape your first choice. It's important to carefully assess what other frame types are available, however, as you may find one that will work perfectly with whatever you need framed. Your framing professional may occasionally suggest an oval frame for certain framed pieces, including the following.


An oval frame can be a perfect choice for many different portraits, including school photos of your children or grandchildren, photos of your entire family, or even a photo of your family pet. One thing that you may like about using an oval frame for a portrait photo is the manner in which it cuts out neutral space. In many portrait photos, there's a significant amount of neutral space around the subject's head. This neutral space will be evident when you use a rectangular frame, but an oval frame will cut it off — ensuring that the person is the focal point.

Historic Photos

While your local framing studio will almost certainly have some oval frames that have a modern look, a lot of oval frames can have an antique-like appearance to them. If you have some old family photos that you're looking to frame and you want a frame that has a historic style to it, an oval shape can often be a good choice. For example, maybe you have a vertical, black and white photo of an old farmhouse that your ancestors lived in. To give this image an age-appropriate look when it's on your wall, an old-looking oval frame can be a perfect choice.

Cross Stitch Art

If you want to use an oval frame to frame something other than a picture, a piece of handmade cross stitch art can be a good choice. Many of these pieces have an old look to them, so an antique-style oval frame can be a good match. If you have a family member who makes cross stitch art, think about having them create a custom piece that will suit an oval frame. The piece could be a saying about family or faith, a seasonal image that you can display at a certain time of the year, or something else.

Visit your framing studio to browse its selection of custom frames to find the right one for your piece.


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