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Making Your Business Beautiful

Making A Small Bathroom For Your Daughter

Mia Price

As your daughter grows up, she may become more interested in her appearance. This means more time in the bathroom on a daily basis. If your home only has one or two restrooms, this can become an issue for everyone. Instead of limiting her bathroom time, a solution that will make everyone happy is to create a small bathroom for her. If you have the plumbing already capable of moving into a small space and enough square footage to set aside, here is how you can remodel a small, simple bathroom for your daughter. 

Make the floor and the shower the same tiles

One of the ways to save money and time on making decisions is to have the floor and the shower made of the same tile. Choose wide tile or a tile with little grout in the center. This will help to stave off mold in the event that your daughter doesn't always remember to scrub the bathroom. It is a good idea to have a neutral color tile and walls, such as beige or gray so that the theme of the bathroom can be matched to whoever moves into the home or claims the restroom as their own. 

Install a mirror on the door

Mirrors on doors are the best way to fit in extra mirror space without having to have large walls. If you have a small bathroom of less than 100 square feet, a mirror on the back of the door may be the only option as your walls will be short in width. Have the mirror installed to a thick wood door with proper brackets to hold it in place. This will be the perfect place for your daughter to check her makeup and look at her overall outfit each day. This way the mirror that is above the sink can be smaller so that it does not have to take up more space in the bathroom. 

Upgrade the toilet to a modern bowl

Modern toilets typically have a square feel to them. Many modern bowls have a self-cleaning function in case your teenager doesn't have time to do her chores on a regular basis. A modern toilet with a touch flush and self-cleaning functions can also help if your daughter tends to pour things such as hair dye or skin products into the toilet. This way the color will not attach to the bowl and the bathroom can remain squeaky clean. 

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