Making Your Business Beautiful

Making Your Business Beautiful

Four Tips For Staging Your Home To Sell

Mia Price

Making your home attractive to buyers is a small portion of selling your home, but it's one of the most critical parts. Getting them through the front door is no small feat, and once they're inside, you must seize every opportunity to make them fall in love. Here are four easy tips for staging your home to sell.

Go Neutral

Whites and creams may not make the list of your favorite tones. But potential buyers need to be able to visualize the space the way they plan to use it. The best way for them to do that is by drawing from a "blank canvas."

When bright colors and "showy" patterns are splashed around the home, it can distract the buyer from achieving that visual. Neutral colors like white, cream, tan, beige, taupe, and gray are perfect tones to display throughout your rooms.

Avoid Scents

Not everyone will appreciate a home that smells like pineapple-coconut, jasmine, or whatever your favorite candle smells like. And to some, scents can be an allergen or trigger migraines. If your home has a distinct odor, you may want to aim for neutralizing the smell instead of spraying air fresheners and using scented candles and plug-ins.

Sprinkle baking soda around the home, and let it sit for a while before vacuuming. Bowls of coffee and white vinegar placed in various rooms can also absorb bad smells. And tossing a few lemon peels down the disposal can also remove bad odors. Odor-neutralizing candles can sometimes work, too.

Make it Bright

Your teenager might like to live like a mushroom, keeping the curtains drawn and the lights down low. That's fine when they're home. But when it comes to showcasing your property, you should brighten every room as much as possible.

Consider hanging white curtains and sheers. Replace low wattage bulbs with brighter ones, and hang some extra mirrors to help reflect all that light. Mirrors, when hung in the right places, can also make a room look bigger.

Stage the Outdoors

If you have a patio or deck with outdoor furniture, consider making a few simple changes to really turn that outdoor space into what can feel like an extra room. A simple trick that many designers use is placing indoor furniture outside to create the illusion that it's an extension of your living space.

Couches and chairs with cushions, tables, throw rugs, and plants (real or fake, depending on the season) can go a long way in making your outdoor space look warm and "lived-in," and it can attract a lot of potential buyers. And if you're selling your home in the winter, think about investing in a patio heater.


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