Making Your Business Beautiful

Making Your Business Beautiful

Interior Decorating Tips For Small Family Rooms

Mia Price

The family room is likely one of the most visited rooms in any home. If the room isn't very big, it can easily appear cluttered and cramped. With a small space like that in your home, you're going to need these decorating tips to give it a different feel and look:

Keep Walls Light

You might have liked that dark violet color paint you saw in the home improvement store, but as time goes on, you might realize that it makes your family room seem smaller and more claustrophobic. Generally, light colors are best for the walls. If you find darker colors to be beautiful, you can use those for blankets and throw pillows so that you can enjoy them while allowing the room to remain bright.

Trick Eyes with Mirrors

The addition of a mirror or two can be transformative for the family room. Any light will bounce off mirrors and brighten the space immediately. You can strategically place a mirror opposite from a window so that it appears like you have two windows and more light in the room. You might even have two mirrors face off against each other to magnify and reflect even more light. Experiment with different numbers of mirrors and positions to see what makes your family room look its largest.

Avoid Single-Use Items

Many furniture pieces only have one use. The side chair, for instance, is only a side chair. That can lead to too many objects in your family room that all need to be there. To clear space, start picking up furniture pieces that perform two different duties. A storage cube can easily serve as a stool and you can have a tiny desk if your side table is high enough, for instance. When buying new furniture, do so with an idea of what two things in your family room it can replace.

Avoid Bulky Furniture

Seeing furniture inside stores isn't always the same as experiencing it in your home. You may have been excited about the enormous leather sofa you bought, only to discover that it seems to barely fit in the small family room and makes the rest of the room look tiny. Prevent such problems by measuring your family room in the first place, but you should also be selecting pieces that aren't overbearing or overly bulky. Streamlined pieces that don't take up too much space are best.

Your family room can become roomier and seem larger once you start doing some of the things here. Consult an interior designer for pointers too. Contact an interior designer for more information and assistance. 


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