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Making Your Business Beautiful

Design A Living Room With A Cottage Style

Mia Price

The cottage style is a charming look because it creates a cozy ambiance. There are different takes on the décor style, such as shabby chic and French country; however, certain elements unify the look. Overall, cottage décor should give the sense of escaping to the countryside. Create a cottage-style living room with the right foundation and beautiful details.

Hardwood Floor

One of the hallmarks of the cottage style is its adherence to natural elements. Therefore, a hardwood floor makes an ideal foundational piece for your living room. On its own, a hardwood floor is a luxurious addition to any home. Material-wise, you can choose anything from simple pine to extravagant black walnut. For a cottage vibe, consider warm-hued woods such as oak and maple. If you're going for a more rustic cottage style, Home and Garden TV suggests a distressed finish to your wood. You can have new boards distressed or choose actual reclaimed wood. To learn more about your options for hardwood flooring, check out websites like

Airy Ambiance

Cottage-style rooms should feel light and airy. Therefore, consider creating a white backdrop for your décor by painting the walls white. You can add touches of color, but make sure white is the dominant color for your paint. Ideally, your living room should feature lots of windows for natural light. Emphasize the natural light with sheer window panels that offer a little privacy without impeding the sunlight.

Painted Furniture

While white is the predominant color in the cottage style, you can add pops of color with the furniture. You can look for pieces that have already been painted in bright colors or refinish them yourself. However, cottage furniture should look like it's been passed down through the ages. Therefore, consider distressing the finish. Whether you're adding an already-painted piece or refinishing it yourself, consider roughing up the edges with a sanding block.  Additionally, don't focus on keeping the furniture matching — mismatched furniture is charming in a cottage-style room.

Statement Lighting

One place where you want to showcase your own decorating personality is in the lighting. Look for a statement lighting fixture to hang from the ceiling. This can be a shabby-chic chandelier, a more ornate chandelier, or even a series of pendant lights. Look for gorgeous "flea market" lamps that also complement your cottage décor. As with the rest of the furniture, the key is to choose lamps that look time-worn. You can top them with pretty floral lampshades for added color and pattern.

Start with a wood floor and white backdrop, then add painted furniture and statement lighting for a cozy cottage living room.


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