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Making Your Business Beautiful

Fit For A King (Or An Earl) | 5 Ways To Bring Manor House Decorating Into Your Home

Mia Price

With massive television hits like Downton Abbey and The Crown wowing American audiences with aristocratic country life, it's easy to want to be inspired to makeover your own home's interior. But, how can you emulate the storied halls of those historic British manor homes in your own abode? Here are 5 ways.

Up Your Entrance Game. Impress guests and set the mood right from the moment they walk in the house by designing a huge and luxurious entrance. For a true Downton Abbey style, you'll want a large and slightly curving stairway to descend upon when meeting people. The foyer should feature a focal point, such as a hanging pendant lamp, that will draw attention without filling the space.

Highlight the Fireplace. Fireplaces were how manor houses kept residents warm at night, and they were an important feature of every room. Use your furniture grouping and interior design accents to feature an ornate fireplace in your main entertainment space. Then, be sure to use it -- perhaps while hosting cocktails before dinner -- when guets are over.

Get Artistic. The walls of both The Crown's palaces and Downton Abbey itself are covered with valuable and historic artwork, so your own miniature version should be as well. This wall art, though, should feature portraits and landscapes to keep with the historic feel. You may want to use both a single painting over a single piece of furniture and a group of portraits collected on a wall.

Make Bedrooms Luxurious. Much of the family drama in period television shows happens in the family's bedrooms, which are ornate and luxurious. Start with an oversize four-poster bed that can serve as the central base for your bedroom decoration. Add matching furnishings like dressers, vanities, and mirrors. Womens' bedrooms are generally decorated in lighter tones (such as pink, sea blue, or pale green), while men's rooms can be made a little more masculine with darker jewel tones. 

Set up for Tea. Decorating your home in a manor house style isn't just about the furniture. It's also about the attitude. Add a rolling cart to your kitchen decor so that you can use it to enjoy afternoon tea with family and friends. This quintessential British tradition should be a break from your hectic day and be served on fine china and with small snacks in fancy serving ware. Have fun with it!

If you're not sure how to adjust your interior design to reflect the beautiful traditions of manor houses, you may want to work with a professional interior designer, such as Raquel Garcia Design, who has experience in luxury home interiors. And then, whether you have your own butler or not, you can feel like a king or queen in your own house.


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