Making Your Business Beautiful

Making Your Business Beautiful

3 Things Every Entryway Needs To Make You Feel Welcome

Mia Price

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to make your home more welcoming, giving your entryway a makeover is a great place to start. It's a project you can complete in a weekend, and it will freshen up the interior of your home for minimal cost and effort. Adding just four items to your entryway is all you need to get started.

(1) A Bench

The right bench can be the focal point in your entryway and can be used entirely for decorative or functional purposes. A storage bench makes a great place to store hats, gloves, purses, and backpacks to keep your entryway clutter free. Choose a bench with a cushioned seat to give guests a comfortable place to sit when removing boots or shoes.

Choose a bench that matches the interior design of your home. For instance, a deacon's bench will look charming in a farmhouse or country home. A wicker bench will complement a cottage or shabby chic style.

(2) An Accent Stand

Whether simple or elegant, a small stand placed in a corner is a welcome addition to any entryway. Think beyond the traditional accent stand and choose one that adds interest to the entryway. Paint a small stand a bright color if you want to add just a touch of color to your entryway.

For a rustic home theme, stack two wooden crates together to design a unique corner table. An old metal milk can with a round glass topper will dress up a farmhouse home. A simple metal stand is perfect for a modern themed home.

(3) A Vase of Flowers

No entryway should be without a vase of flowers. The great thing about flowers is they can be changed to match each season. Fresh flowers are a nice touch and will provide beauty and a hint of fragrance to your entryway.

(4) A Source of Ambient Light  

Nothing is more welcoming in an entryway than ambient light. Avoid harsh and bright lights and choose soft types of lighting instead. Battery-operated candles with timers are perfect, as they can be set to come on at the same time each day to greet you when you return home at night. Wall sconces with candles are also a good option for entryway lighting.

If you are short on time and money, redesigning your entryway is the perfect project you can complete in a day or two, and it won't cost a fortune. Your minimal effort will pay off with the maximal reward of having a warm and welcoming entryway. You can visit an interior design store (such as Sav-Mor Interiors) for more information or help picking your items.


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